Jammin’ and Preview sessions

Are you wanting to know what it is like to be part of a band, or maybe learn harmonies and write music…

Here at Instrumentally we have groups on Monday evenings with our fantastic teachers Phoebe and Matt who can teach you these unique skills.

Jammin’ is our group for students looking to jam together as a band, playing acoustic and electric covering guitar, keyboard, voice and drums.

During the weekly hour and a half sessions we learn how members of a band work together including dynamics, keeping in time, start/finishes in harmony with others.

Preview is another of our groups which is for senior school students who want to learn to sing in harmony, write new music and perform.

We perform a wide genre of music including pop, rock, soul, jazz and musical theatre.

The first session is on a “pay if you stay” where there is no charge if participants decide not to continue after the first week.

About Instrumentally

Instrumentally provide inspirational music teaching of a wide range of musical instruments.

Its purpose built Ascot Studio opened in June 2011 and contains five air-conditioned music rooms each with high end digital pianos, electronic drums and a Sonos wireless music system.

Cast!, its musical theatre group, Jammin’, Onstage, Preview and Intros, which offers pre-school children an introduction to music, also take place at the Studio.

A range of Starbucks coffee and tea is served to those waiting in our spacious reception area and provide free Wi-Fi and space to catch up on work or homework


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